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Free 3D plan software: Design your 3D home plan

A new powerful and realistic
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3D Plan

Our architecture software helps you easily design your 3D home plans. It’s exterior architecture software for drawing scaled 2D plans of your home, in addition to 3D layout, decoration and interior architecture.
In just a few minutes, you’ll have a virtual 3D home and can transform, arrange, and decorate it to your heart’s content with our 3D home plan software!

Plus, check out all the home plan examples by community members for inspiration.

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3D Plan
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  Create a 3D plan

No matter your project

3D Plan
  • Conception


    Design a scaled 2D plan for your home. Build and move your walls and partitions. Add your floors, doors, and windows. Building your home plan has never been easier.

  • Design


    Instantly explore 3D modelling of your home. Add furnishings from our collection of furniture and accessories. What’s more, you can even create your own furniture.

  • Decoration


    Enjoy a wide range of paints and flooring to recreate your home’s interior decoration from floor to ceiling.


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3D Plan
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Using the 3D plan tool

Furniture configuratorEXCLUSIVE: create your own furniture

Design your own furniture and add to Kozikaza’s furniture library.

Draw of project outlineWALLS AND PARTITIONS

Design walls and partitions for your home in 2D. Adjust the thickness of your walls.

Doors and windowsDOORS AND WINDOWS

Adjust the dimensions of each door and window (height, width, and elevation). Tip: You can copy a window to save its measurements.

Interior structureFLOORS

Add your floors easily. Copy walls and partitions from the floor below. Tip: You can then rearrange your floors.


Create your own stairs: quarter-turn, landings… anything’s possible! Draw your lofts to design your attic.

Choose furnitures and objectsFURNITURE AND OBJECTS

Arrange your rooms with furniture from the library. You can change the dimensions on most pieces of furniture.

Application des revêtementsDECORATE

Paint, fabrics, flooring, metals, etc. A wide variety of textures to let your imagination run wild, so you can personalise each room, from floors to walls to furniture and other objects.

A new
powerful and
3D plan tool

  Create a 3D plan

In just a half hour, you’ll have a 3D design of your interior!

Now you can work on the layout and decoration!

Our 3D plan is the perfect tool to create your future home, test various layouts of your rooms or see how a paint looks with the room’s carpet!

No need to download software! Our 3D plan tool uses HTML5 software and works directly online, so you can access your plans from any computer with an Internet connection and compatible web browser.

3D plan examples

sgp1160 Kaza de sgp1160
Le plan 3D de sgp1160
Captures (3)
chaya56 Kaza de chaya56
Le plan 3D de Chaya56
Captures (3)
adeleremi Kaza de adeleremi
Le plan 3D de adeleremi
Captures (3)
LudolefLudolefLudo’s Kaza

The first plan proposed by our builder didn’t really meet our expectations.
With the 3D plan tool, we were able to design the ideas we had in mind, and the builder proposed a plan based on this.

See Ludolef’s building plan
CubikCubikCubik’s Kaza

The 3D plan tool allowed us to design plans for our new family home. The tool is so fun that my daughter arranged her room on her own. The detailed, realistic library allowed us to select the flooring and wall colours.
We recommend this tool to all our friends!

See Cubik’s building plan
PierreArrasPierreArras’ Kaza

I started looking for a kitchen 3D plan tool; many are available online. Then I decided to make a 3D plan for my bathroom, and that’s where it got more difficult. I eventually decided to build all the plans for my house in 3D, and discovered Kozikaza. The tool is simple and practical, and helped me to work on all the rooms in my house.

See PierreArras’ renovation plan
CopaleCopaleCopale’s Kaza

I wanted to redesign the layout of rooms in my new house, to have a large living room, but also separate spaces for the kitchen, family room, and lounge. I had three ideas in mind that I wanted to share with my family. The 3D plan tool allowed me to test out my ideas and bring them to life. The tool is so easy to use that I was able to confirm that the bathrooms of my dreams were achievable. I was amazed at how realistic it was; I felt like I was walking through my house.

See Copale’s renovation plan
Our Kozikaza 3D plan tool earned a score of4.81/ 5 from 845 votes on 01net.com   Create a 3D plan