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Example of electrical plan
View the Kozikaza free software of electrical scheme

A tool created to help you to design your house electric plan

An electricity project? Kozikaza assist you with a completely free electric home plan software, available online and easy to use.

Indeed, thinking of an electrical plan as part of a construction or renove the electricity of an old house can be difficult if you are not in the business.If you want to get into these works alone, a virtual electrical diagram can be useful.Where to install an electrical outlet? How to connect the spot and its controls in an optimal way?How to be sure of the location of the different electrical equipment?If you have these questions, our schematic creation software is for you!

Whether you are undertaking the electrical renovation of an old house to bring you in line with the latest electrical standards or creating the electrical installation of a new home, it will allow you to simply work on your plan.You will be able to test different options and choose the most adapted to your needs.

Design your electric scheme

100% free - 100% online

From your house plan to your electric network in a few clicks

Example of house electrical diagram
Overview of house electrical diagram design with Kozikaza electrical software

Our architects have designed for you a free and complete 2D and 3D home plan design software.It allows you to create your virtual house and integrate directly your electrical diagram.

After having designed your house by inserting your walls, doors and windows and having arranged it room by room with the help of our 3D objects catalog, you can proceed to the electrical layout plan.

Then add the different items on your plan using electrical symbols links between the electrical elements and their commands...

Result: In just a few clicks, you have created the plan for your home electrical installation and you can start your electrical work serenely! Making your electricity diagram becomes easy with Kozikaza!

A complete software to easily design your house electric diagram

Examples of electrical symbol
Set of Kozikaza electrical scheme symbols

You can find in our catalog plenty of electrical symbol to realize your house electric diagram on our CAO software.You can find for example: the electrical switchboard symbol, the high household electrical outlet symbol, the low one, the multimedia one, the single and double switch symbol, with push button or switch with light indicator, etc.

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Create your electric plan

Steps to design your household electrical installation :

  1. Step 1 : Create a 3D plan
    Step 1 : Create a 3D plan

    Design and organize your home :

    Place all the electrical component you need : furnitures, home appliances, electrical appliance, etc.

  2. Step 2 : Design your electric plan
    Step 2 : Design your electric plan

    Skip to electric scheme in the building menu :

    Place your component in your plan with the help of electrical symbols and create link between them.

  3. Step 3 : Personalize your electric component
    Step 3 : Personalize your electric component

    You can modify the component properties  :

    Installation height, amps, etc.
    Advice : To go faster, you can duplicate component and delete it in one click

  4. Step 4 : Create group of items
    Step 4 : Create group of items

    Create group of items :

    Easily group the different electric items you want to add to the plan

  5. Step 5 : Get the list of electrical elements
    Step 5 : Get the list of electrical elements

    Get the summary list of all the elements of your plan :

    With Kozikaza shopping list, access the list of , access the purchases list you have to make for your project

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    Design my
    electrical installation

Example of house electric schemes designed with our electricity software

With our free electrical installation software, give life to your projects without limit! Work on all the diagrams of your different house electrical installations: the diagram of your electrical panel or the electric diagram of your lighting with your different light sources, your switches and remote switches.
Easily manage the connections between the symbols to optimize your electrical connections: the multiple connections of the electrical panel, the connection of an electrical outlet or the connection of a switch.
Easily simulate the circuit diagram of a back and forth with the links between the electrical elements to represent the wiring: connect two switches to a lamp for example.
So do all your wiring diagrams in just a few clicks!

  1. Example of house electrical plan
    Overview of electric installation plan for house designed on Kozikaza

    Electrical installation diagram of a individual house:

    There is an example of a complete house ground floor wiring diagram. All electric items are represented with :

    • an electrical panel connected to each element of the electrical system
    • different light points connected to switches
    • electrical outlets for your electronics, etc.
  2. Example of an electrical panel diagram
    Overview of an electrical panel diagram designed on Kozikaza

    Electric board diagram:

    You can also design the connections of your electrical panel to the different items. Here, for example, the circuit “corridor light” was represented by connecting the electrical panel to the spotlights.

  3. Example of Kitchen electric plan
    Overview of kitchen electric installation designed on Kozikaza

    Kitchen electric diagram :

    This plan has been designed with our software and includes all the essential elements elements of a kitchen electrical installation :

    • outlets for your appliances: freezer, fridge, electric hob, oven, hood, dishwasher, etc. :
    • electrical sockets to connect your small household appliances
    • spots and suspensions with switches to control them
  4. Example of bathroom electrical plan
    Overview of a bathroom electric installation plan designed on Kozikaza

    Bathroom electric installation :

    Here is an example of plan including different elements that you can find in a bathroom:

    • bathroom spotlights and a wall connected to two switches
    • electrical outlets for your small electrical appliances
    • washing machine and dryer sockets

I designed my electrical diagram with Kozikaza, the graphic interface is user friendly and intuitive.

I thank your for the tool quality that is for me a reference among architecture software in addition to being free !

Super free software to design electric diagrams of your house. Easy to use and undersand, copy paste function very useful.

Our Kozikaza 3D plan tool earned a score of4.81 / 5 from847 votes on 01net.comDesign an electric diagram