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The magazines of decoration and interior design do not lack proposals for your kitchen project. But in front of all this options of materials, of arrangement, styles, trends, and equipment … It may seem difficult to orient yourself! What is your style ? What are your desires? Choices for your kitchen design are very important. This central room is a place of life in its own right in which we like to meet to exchange and cook small dishes.

In real life, out of decorating magazines, several constraints come quickly to you. The dimension and configuration of your kitchen, the number of people in your household, the budget … these questions are not simple details? By browsing the kitchen photos of Kozikaza community members, you you will quickly have an idea of ​​your wishes. Read the comments and exchange with them! The strength of our community is in sharing experiences. Illustrated with pictures of the works and 3D kitchen plans, you will have the opinions of people to whom you can identify yourself.

Open kitchen or closed kitchen? Is it better to implant in U, L or I? How to adapt my cooking area for a large family? How to optimize the storage space available in a small kitchen ? If these questions are part of your thinking to design your next kitchen , you are in the rightplace !

Thanks to a set of tools and free online resources, Kozikaza support you throughout all your project. We put at your disposal the perfect items to project you and start the installation of your kitchen. Because as to prepare a good dish, a good recipe starts with the choice of ingredients!

A project that is going on without a hitch is a well-prepared project. Kozikaza has a free and online 3D plan tool . Directly inspired by professional software used by architects, it put in your hands a fluid interface and easy to use. Configure the dimensions of your room, and slide the elements according to your needs. You can even try decorations with coatings of floors, walls, and kitchen furniture in all styles.

Draw your sketchs from a blank plan, or enter a kitchen model made by one of our architects as a fully customizable plan! This is an opportunity to draw inspiration from it, but above all to readjust projects to your own needs. You can also draw your kitchen as a custom by taking a template created by a professional. When you are satisfied with the layout on your 2D plan, all you need is to display 3D rendering to project you into your future kitchen. You just have to find your decoration style, and set up the different elements. Apply your favorite color on the walls, select the flooring you like … and watch! 3D Kitchen Creation Software of Kozikaza goes far beyond the selection of the decor. Radiator, appliance, door opening, electrical outlet, sink and faucet … you have a wide choice of furniture and equipment to test. It would be a pity that your new storage column does not force the opening of the door of your pretty canopy!

To find inspiration and prepare your work, browse our selection of kitchen photos made by the members of Kozikaza community. Before/after pictures of works and 3D photorealistic images made with our software succeed each other. Scandinavian style, retro bistro, industrial, contemporary or rustic, the latest deco trends are on Kozikaza. With our selections, you will see finished kitchens and elements to set up and get the desired rendering. A kitchen with or without credence? What kind of central kitchen island or hood to match perfect the look of the room? Rather than asking yourself these questions, navigate from photos to photos and see comments. The selections of Mag Kozikaza's articles highlight the most beautiful achievements of the community members. Modern, warm, bright, minimalist or scandinavian, the kitchen trend choice is huge! Why not adopt a fashion, white and wood kitchen?

Don't forget to take advantage of the selections and tips regularly published in Kozikaza Mag. Our experts explain their tips, and share the latest trends found on the Web and elsewhere. You will find guides to arrange your kitchen, equipment ideas, and tips for your work. The articles of this decoration blog help you to define the style you want for your new kitchen. Cooking worktop in wood or resin? We help you to remove doubts! Our articles present the possible alternatives depending on the look you want. For a cheap kitchen, do not miss the good ideas revealed !

3D kitchen design software and rooms configurator, guides, inspiring articles, Community publications, you have the right things to create a friendly, functional and personal living space !

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