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Modern bathroom in length, black, wood and yellow

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It exist lots of fitting up, equipments, furnitures, styles or decoration possibilities for your bathroom. The difficulty ? Choose the right adapted option to your needs, but also for your way of living and your constraints.
Your priority could change regarding the dimension or your allocated budget to refresh your bathroom.
For example, to fit up a small bathroom, you will search for space optimization tips. If your bathroom is designed for children or elderly, you should find adapted equipments and accessories. Moreover, if you have a small budget, your priority could be on finding tips and promotion to create and renovate your bathroom for cheap.

To get the most layout of your room, come and pick up tips and tricks on many topics around the bathroom on the Kozikaza Mag.
With children, the ideal is to have a bath or bath with shower, while for the elderly, the walk-in shower may be the most suitable. If you want to make your bathroom a real place to relax, the whirlpool bath will be perfect. For a family bathroom , prefer the comfort of a double basin. You can also choose a large bathroom storage cabinet, which will be perfect for storing all your products or hide your laundry bin. If your goal is to gain space in a small bathroom, choose a suspended sink and a storage column. One tip, a curtain will prove a clever and cheap way to hide the wall boiler that you can not move for example. As for floor coverings, there are cheap vinyl floors suitable for wet parts. If your budget allows it, fall for a solid floor that will bring a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Which pieces of advice to arrange and decorate the best your room? First, start by listing the bathroom equipment and furniture you need. Think about taking stock of your space constraints. Ideal? Design a 3D plan to imagine your future room and arrange it as best as possible! Discover the 3D bathroom plans proposed by our architects and modify them directly in order to create your custom bathroom and project you. Once your plan has been done, you only have to find the style you like and make your furniture and decoration choices.

To inspire you, we gathered the bathroom photos posted by Kozikaza community members and 3D bathroom ideas.
Each choice is important: Island bath or corner bathtub? Shower tray or extra flat bathtub? Suspended bathroom furniture, top furniture or column? Mat white furniture, black lacquered or grey color? The effect will be totally different.
Bet on accessories, which are also decorative elements: laundry basket, shower curtain, soap dish, bathroom mirror or shower accessories. Feel free to use and abuse it!
Floor and wall coverings are also an integral part of the decoration: effect paint, waxed concrete, cement tiles… succumb to the decor trends!
Whether you want a trendy bathroom, a zen bathroom, a modern bathroom or a wooden bathroom: anything is possible. The range of products you will find on the market is wide and will allow you to create a bathroom unique and fit your image.

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