Kozikaza is an adventure,
that started on a work site...

Why an adventure?Because building or renovating a home can become a real obstacle course if you don’t have the right support and advice. Since this happened to us, we wanted to pool our common experiences with this community site, Kozikaza, and open it to other experiences that happen in the world of home creating. With Kozikaza, ou have advice and ideas from other users at your fingertips.

Our goal is simpleWe aim to simplify all your projects for your home and put community, advice, and location to work in this area. In this adventure, we are joined by our partner Adeo, and a whole community of home experts like you and us, who never stop growing!

Our team

OlgaOlga is a community manager. She follows your adventures closely and maintains the right atmosphere on the site! She loves to meet users and chat with you during site visits and Kozikaza meetups. She loves decorating and is fiercely loyal to Maisons du Monde. Outside of work, she loves socialising over meals, drinks between friends, and barbecues : Friendly moments !

DorothéeDorothée works on updating and improving the Kozikaza site. She is curious by nature and loves houses. She enjoys visiting your projects on Kozikaza! Her dream was to build a house in her childhood hometown… and she did just that! Her vision for the house: it has to be inviting and full of life, with kids running around…

NicolasNicolas est chef de projet web. Il pilote avec Dorothée les évolutions du site. Il scrute le web, mais s'égare parfois… et nous fait souvent part de ses trouvailles... voyez le niveau d'expertise ! Côté habitat, sa maison doit avant tout être confortable et fonctionnelle, mais aussi ludique ! Chez Kozikaza, c'est le roi du blindtest : il est indétrônable !

DavidDavid is a technical project manager. He speaks a language that’s not always easy to understand: developer-speak! But we know he’s skilled. As for decoration, he fully trusts his wife. As long as it’s “nice to look at,” it’s fine with him! His hobby is sport: from football to tennis to skiing, he’s a real athlete!

PierrePierre is the team businessman. If you’re a housing professional, you’ll love talking and working with Pierre. And he knows Kozikaza well. He used it to create his own building project even before he joined the team! Outside of work, he loves wine making, food, and evenings with friends. He is a true lover of life!

Nicolas MNicolas speaks business. He manages partnerships with housing professionals. Among his various contributions, we can thank him for awesome contests! He looks forward to purchasing his own home and renovating it. He has no fear of the joys and challenges of renovations. He exercises five times a week. The guy is in great shape! His second love is travel; he knows Europe like the back of his hand!

SamuelSamuel is the Kozikaza site manager. He and his team evaluate members’ feedback to improve the site and mobile app. At home, he’s a DIYer. He’s tried his hand at plumbing, electricity, laying tiles, and more. He does it all! It’s not always done the traditional way… but it works, and that’s what matters!

ArnaudAs the Executive Director and project initiator, Arnaud is the driving force behind Kozikaza! He’s a creative at heart. He has new ideas to improve the site on a daily basis. He knows the joys and challenges of building all too well. His experiences inspired him to create Kozikaza! He loves to mountain bike, and is always ready to have fun with his friends !

MarieMarie is our architect. She lends her professional eye to improve the 3D plan. She is passionate about helping people on their projects from design to completion. She loves to restore furniture. Her son inherited the bed she had as a little girl, completely refurbished! She’s the life of the party, and loves to spend time with her family and get drinks with her friends !

JeremyJérémy is our bearded architect. He knows the 3D plan by heart! He improves the tool so everyone can design their homes like an architect. He recently purchased an apartment with his partner, and they work on it nights and weekends. There’s no rest for these hard workers! He’s an epicurean at heart, and loves discovering new things—both in gastronomy and technology!

TiffanyTiffany is our amazing 3D graphic designer. She designs and creates everyday objects in 3D to help you visualise your future home. Her dream is to build a house “that looks like no other, and is truly made for me! As for decoration, Tiffany prefers modern designs. Her friends would describe her as a lively fun-lover and joker!