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Dare to decorate with confidence with the Kozikaza coaching service!

The Kozikaza decoration platform allows you to find a decorator / interior designer and supports you in the successful completion of your project.


It's easy to redo your interior!

1. I choose!

Discover the services and prices of our 180 professionals throughout France

2. Let's talk!

On instant messaging, we discuss my project, my desires, my problem,...

3. We agree

The professional makes me a price and deadline proposal... things are clear!

4. The pre-payment of the mission

Pre-payment by credit card is completely secure. The money is sequestered by Kozikaza's financial partner for the duration of the coaching. The professional can begin the mission serenely.

When the mission is completed and validated by you, the money will be paid into the pro's wallet!

Your money is safe during the mission.

Get Kozikaza Buyer Protection.

The pro will be guaranteed to be paid quickly at the end of the mission.

5. We keep talking!

I send a lot of info, my plan, photos, inspiration, ...
I give my opinion, we discuss!

6. We're finalizing!

Both parties must validate the end of the coaching to transfer the money to the pro's wallet.

7. My opinion!

I give my opinion on this professional in order to comfort future clients.

Why use the Kozikaza payment service?

Trusted solution for a more serene relationship between pro and client

Secure bank payment

Kozikaza has set up a secure payment system that allows its users to carry out transactions in a few minutes and in complete safety.

Your sequestered money

Your money is sequestered by our approved banking partner Stripe for the duration of the mission. The money is paid into the account of the professional after your confirmation of the end of the mission.

Refund Policy

Payment is protected when you pay on Kozikaza. We proceed to refund in case of disagreement.
You have 6 days after the end of the mission to report a problem.

Find the right decorator for your home project